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Abandon evil deeds.
Practice virtue properly.
Master your own mind.

These are the Buddha's teachings

Modern media.
Ancient wisdom.

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The mission of Dharmapod is to broadcast authentic lineage based mindfulness and meditation teachings, wisdom and instruction. Listen and watch complete, enduring transmissions from the profound and sacred dharma of the Buddha. Nyingma, Kagyü, Gelug, Sakya, Rimé, Zen


Latest Broadcast

Shiné Meditation Instructions
Lineage of Tulku Lobsang
by Nicholas Grybauskas

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shiné thangka.jpeg

Develop a calm, stable, clear mind--

This is a complete presentation of the instructions for the benefit of all beings.

Nicholas is a certified instructor with permission to teach the shiné meditation (shamatha) lineage of Tulku Lobsang.

Shiné is a form of meditation that develops calm-abiding, or a stable, calm, clear mind that helps us manage our day to day affairs such as stress, anxiety, worry, guilt, shame, anger, and desire. Additionally it develops the mind for deeper contemplations. The buddha called shiné meditation the "Ladder to Enlightenment" because this stable, clear mind is the basis for one to receive insights on the nature of mind which lead to the discovery of enlightenment.


Shiné is hard work but after 6 months of training, significant realization and familiarization with the mind will occur. Dedicated practice is the best offering you can make to your teacher.

May these teachings liberate all beings.


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